Grade 7 Tackles Geometry

The grade 7 students had a math lab with Mrs. Damiano, their teacher. They explored patterns in sequences of geometric figures using toothpicks. This approach is all part of our dedication to using the theory of Multiple Intelligences put forth decades ago by Harvard University educator Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, “Whether you are teaching […]

St. Augustine’s Science Lab Is Always Bustling

At St. Augustine’s school, our science lab is used constantly. Just recently, grade 5 made models of both plant and animal cells with their science teacher, Mrs. Desembrana.  In this exercise students are using “naturalist intelligence” from Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. Naturalist intelligence is defined by Gardner as ,”the capacity to make consequential distinctions […]

St. Augustine’s Students Are “Math Smart”

St Augustine’s School is a Multiple Intelligences School. This means our children are exposed to a variety of ways of learning each subject and topic within each subject. The theory of Multiple Intelliences has been around for decades. It was first put forth by Howard Gardner. Howard Gardner of Harvard has identified seven distinct intelligences. […]